Venture Pitch – Proof that our business future is going to be okay!

This week, I was a judge for three Venture Pitches, one for high school students and two for community college students.  A Venture Pitch contest is where a business owner has three minutes to sell you on their business and why you should award them $.  Think Shark Tank without all the props.  All these business entrepreneurs were students from age 16 to 35 who had a dream, idea or passion.  While styles and business ideas varied, all were very passionate about their business and most of them very creative.  There was an idea of a chemical light that could be put in a two liter soda bottle to light up dark neighborhoods to prevent crime, or using a phone service for small business owners to not only track calls, but help sell products or using music in specific rap music in at risk neighborhoods to teach vocabulary.  I listened to over 20 presentations and all were inspiring.  It gave me hope that the future of business was in good hands.

MariSol is proud to be apart of the South Mountain Community College Entrepreneurial Certification program and sponsor of their Venture Pitch program. If you tweet – @SMCCstartabiz is a good place to look up.



Article written by: Robin Romano, CEO at MariSol Federal Credit Union

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